Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our New Mini Zip Bag!

Ok, so we know y'all have been asking for a little bag like this for awhile now, so here it is . . . we think you'll like it and hope it was worth the wait!
The Mini Zip Bag has a long adjustable strap that can be worn cross body, on one shoulder, or even around your waist.  It has three different pockets -- two zippered and one velcro flap.  We've even made it gusseted at the bottom for a more contoured fit while wearing. This cute little bag can fit lots of stuff inside!
Size: 7" W x 8" L x 1 1/2" D Adjustable strap: 29" - 54"

Here are some views of the pockets:
    This bag is available on our website and at one of our shows.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Fall 2012 Collections~Handbags!

Fall is just around the corner, and Yellow Daisy Festival is even closer.  We're getting our new collections all ready to go.  In the meantime, take a look at the pictures we just had taken by the talented Miss Lisa at Lisa Rappa Photography. She always does such a wonderful job!  The weather was a little uncooperative that evening and was misting through the last half of our session, but they turned out great nonetheless!

Be sure to watch for some posts highlighting some of our new items.  Hope to see everyone this fall!  In the meantime, keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

What we've been up to in 2012

Blogging is not something that I've done so this might be frayed around the edges, but I'm going to give it a try, bear with me.

Our year started in a very different way because it ended very quickly. We like to take December off, then start back to work in January. Not so this year, my dad called the night of our last show and said he could no longer live alone. (He was 91 and lived in Iowa alone--that was his choice, we wanted him to live down here.) We drove home from our last show on a Monday, and on Friday Allen flew to Iowa to drive dad to Georgia. It was long stressful four days for Allen as he had to pack everything for dad, make sure the house was closed and everything shut off, get dads meds, oxygen, clothes, buy a wheelchair and everything else. Dad was very frail and they could only travel five hours a day, Allen did not think he would even live long enough to get here. My dad was very tough and would not give up, they did make it, we were all here to welcome him with open arms. They even stopped to see Melanie and Spencer because it was on the way.

This was our beginning of a four month journey. To make a long story short, Dad was in the hospital five times which ended in him passing away April 29, 2012. We would not have done it any other way, he was a priority over Stitches at that time. So if we don't have something, or did not get an item made, we were tending to what needed to be done at that time.We are working full steam ahead filling our wagon with taters. One of dad's favorite sayings was "You can't sell taters out of an empty wagon." 

Watch for a few new items and several new fabric collections. We had pictures taken last week, so our website will be updated in September with our new items. Thanks you to all for your prayers and patience.

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