About Us

Stitches & Paint started in 1992. In the beginning, I painted and appliquéd t-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim jumpers. From this came the name Stitches & Paint.

It all began when I made some appliquéd sweatshirts and took them down to the local fabric store. They wanted to display them and have me teach classes on how to make them. A friend suggested that I rent a booth and sell them at a local craft show. I did and received many orders. Since then, we have been participating in craft shows.

Let me introduce you to Our Team:

Lisa(Me):  I started sewing in Jr. High. My dad told me if I sewed my own clothes, he would buy me all the fabric that I wanted.  Needless to say, I did just that and have been sewing ever since. I made all of the clothes that our two girls wore when they were young.

Melanie:   Our youngest daughter, began sewing when she was 9 years old. With some direction and my old sewing machine she was good to go. Melanie received her Bachelor’s degree in apparel manufacturing. After working in the industry for a couple years she decided to join me full time. In 2005, we decided to change from clothing to quilted and chenille accessories.  Melanie has since become a mother and is quite busy with her family.  This also means that she has become more of a consultant for the business now.

Allen:  My husband, is also very involved in the business. After retiring from the corporate world in 2009, he is now helping me full time.  He cuts out pieces, puts on snaps, grommets, tags, loads and unloads before and after each show.   For a time he took over all of the quilting so I could concentrate on sewing the handbags and accessories. 

Stephanie:  Our oldest daughter, a teacher by training, joined our team full time in August 2013. She will be our Office Manager, working on the website and other social media, as well as quilting, quite honestly a little bit of everything.  She will need to be, as her grandfather always said, “Handier than a pocket on a shirt.” 
Our products are designed and sewn by me with some help from Allen. We coordinate and quilt all of our fabrics.

God has blessed my business and family through the years. It has been a real test sometimes with the long hours, but has all been worth it. So many wonderful people have followed us through the years. We enjoy seeing and visiting with each one of you at different shows.

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